Cloud Managed WiFi – A Path Forward for 2020

Cloud Managed WiFi- WaaS

As we head into 2020, the cloud-managed WiFi market looms promising. According to industry experts, it is projected to grow to $7.2 billion by 2023, representing a 16% compound annual growth rate for the forecast period (Source: Market Research & Statistics). Businesses realize the benefits of managed WiFi, which has been driven by continuous and sustained growth.

From this reality, how do you know what to look for in a cloud-managed WiFi solution? What features and functionalities help you get the most bang for your buck while providing optimized customer experience (CX)? Here, we’ll explore the basics of cloud-managed WiFi, explain why it has become a must for brick and mortar venues as part of their digitalization initiatives. We’ll then dive into how Queentessence is paving the way with services for venue owners to bounce back, from an investment standpoint.

What is Cloud Managed WiFi?

Cloud-managed WiFi a.k.a. WiFi as a Service (WaaS) is a service that allows you to provide a professionally managed wireless network connectivity to your customers, with minimal or no attention needed on your end. Gone are the days when you would need to purchase hardware; have to choose between a myriad of vendors (all offering technical distinctive features!); left to configure the network by yourself; ensuring service continuity; to ultimately be reminded sporadically by frustrated customers that WiFi was inoperable.

Cloud-managed WiFI enables you to provide access to Internet to your cherished clients, with the ease and scalability of a cloud-based service model. All of which will become the prerequisite of a sound foundation used as the cornerstone for many additional digital IT services to be added down the road.

Why Cloud Managed WiFi has become an indispensable amenity for brick and mortar venues

Guest WiFi has become table stakes for most public places today. For a starter, this is expected by ordinary mortals! Furthermore, not offering robust and reliable WiFi services will negatively impact guest experiences with loss of attractiveness to mindful business clients.

You will miss out on an opportunity to have your place and core business services discovered. Why would you deprive your business of the magic of grapevine communication exposure (social marketing!). The world is getting smaller; consumers now share experiences online over social media.

While it is undeniable that technology has matured, managing public WiFi networks efficiently, with the adequate underlying security, often translates to costly, needed expert involvement. 

Welcome to cloud-managed WiFi solutions: expect nothing less than state-of-the-art hardware and services; let experts address connectivity requirements, maintenance issues, but most importantly, free yourself from any needed involvement. WaaS allows your business to be agile, keeping up with rapidly growing brands who can afford to dedicated IT staff to tackle these issues over a significant footprint presence. Wouldn’t you prefer to put your energy and focus where you excel best, not losing precious time with on-premises infrastructure concerns or software patches? 

Cloud-managed WiFi solutions can help you stay focused, streamline your operations in today’s likely competitive environments.

The Benefits of WiFi as a Service (WaaS)

The benefits of this aren’t one-sided. While customers and employees are served by the service rendered, you can also rip the benefits in many tangible ways — the most pertinent one leverages WiFi analytics. A modern-day service provider will allow for the capturing of customer data (demographics, psychographics, etc.), all to be put to work to serve better and enhance the customers’ experience. 

As a by-product, while guests use the services and dwell physically in your space, insights are made available, helping you understand how often they visit, specific dwellings habits or behaviors, trends, types of searches that are of interest.

Curated data is then used to optimize existing operations, tailor marketing campaigns, promote brand awareness over social media, fine-tune relevant ad campaigns, and use AI for predictive analysis and projections.

Assuming you are willing to share some of your gains with your customers, doing so will ultimately lead to higher revenues for your business and optimize efficiency.

What better path forward for 2020 than to project your business soundly over time with long-lasting client relationships!

The Queentessence cloud-managed service offering

Here at Queentessence, we know that enterprises have many choices when it comes to choosing a cloud service provider. We are genuinely interested in serving you today, tomorrow’s services. It is from a previous Paris, France start-up named Adaël, which served during 14 years some of Europe’s largest and most beautiful venues, that a wealth of knowledge was refined to help determine Andromedas’ core features.   

So, how our cloud-based Andromeda SaaS platform going to be different? Let’s take a look:

· Andromeda is fully GDPR compliant- Make no mistake; clients will ultimately retain control of their data. Queentessence adheres strictly to EU guidelines. Why should American firms care? The General Data Protection Regulation applies to ANY organization that collects, stores, or processes the personal data of EU data subjects, REGARDLESS OF THE LOCATION OF COMPANY HEADQUARTERS. Queentessence has dedicated legal resources to address full compliance of these critical GDPR matters.

· Andromeda implements patented technology- Our Captive Portal Editor is a seamless blend of elegance and power. It enables you to leverage our US North America patented “Pre-roll” technology. Summarized, its essence allows you to automatically play promotional messages before authentication takes place, at a time when users are known to be most engaged, assertive!

· Andromeda streamlines AP management over specific zones- Almost vendor agnostic, leading hardware gear such as Cisco Meraki, Aruba, Ruckus, Cambium, can be attached to the platform, in a matter of minutes. Dashboard Zone management allows the separation of your networks into virtual groups with specific settings. A combination of Sphere, Sites, and Areas is shuffled intelligently, allowing data insights to be either isolated or aggregated for a broader picture. 

· Splash Page Editor- Queentessence demystified Captive Portal (also called Splash page) content creation process; it’s now easier than ever. Our Powerful Splash Page Editor allows anyone within your organization to create beautiful page layouts within minutes and with utmost simplicity. Drag and drop blocks from one of the various categories listed on the side panels.

· Captive portal Analytics- Different Captive portals may then be linked to different spaces with their own set of analytical data. Thus, clients or visitors congregating outdoors may be presented content or Information related to public transportation access. In contrast, proximity to the food court area may result in displaying nearby restaurants to visitors.

· Andromeda uses A.I. to provide granular insights from multiple omnichannel datapoints – As mentioned, analytics is one of the core benefits of cloud-managed WiFi. Andromeda provides world-class analytics using data aggregated from a variety of touchpoints. After the Information is collected, A.I. and machine learning algorithms curate the data to provide insights that enable enhanced personalization and customer experience.

Interested in learning more? Contact us today!

Our team is passionate about managed WiFi and digital initiatives, enabling physical venues & the MSPs arena (managed service providers) that service them to get the most out of Cloud-managed WiFi services. If you’d like to learn more about Queentessence or discuss the latest in WaaS technology, contact us today!

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